Glascock County GOP Meeting

On Monday, April 15th, Reagan Box will be guest speaking at the monthly Glascock county GOP meeting. The event will be an opportunity for local patriots to discuss several key issues with candidate Box. Reagan will discuss the numerous problems and challenges that our farmers are facing that have made agriculture so difficult. Additionally, Reagan will reveal how the EPA has made farming and ranching so difficult that it has made our food supply shrink.

Illegal immigration overlaps in no small amount with our agricultural woes nationwide. Beyond spreading pathogens that kill crops and cattle in staggering numbers the explosion of crime throughout our cities is a direct result of congress’ unwillingness to address our southern border with Mexico. The cartels are flooding our streets with drugs and violent crime and our schools with children who do not speak English. Georgia’s schools have fallen far behind the national average and the influx of non English speaking children has only further exacerbated their problems.

Education across the state has been a major cause for concern for countless parents across the county. The abuse of strategic waivers has been instrumental in flooding our schools with useless administrators and diverting funds from teachers and students. School choice is an absolute necessity to address the problem of failing schools. Parents shouldn’t be forced to send their children to failing schools while paying exorbitant property taxes.

Lastly, Reagan will be talking about the incestuous relationship between large pharmaceutical companies and the FDA. Regulatory capture is an enormous problem that has led to price gouging and the elimination of competition throughout the medical industries. Reagan will outline how congress must put a stop to this massive conflict of interest that unnecessarily impoverished Americans.

We look forward to seeing you at the monthly Glascock County GOP meeting!


Apr 15 2024


6:00 pm - 7:30 pm


Glascock Senior Center
568 Brassell Park, Gibson, GA 30810
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Reagan Box For Senate