Reagan Box in Crawford County

Reagan Box has been invited to be a guest speaker at the monthly Crawford County GOP Meeting in Roberta on Saturday July 20th. Reagan will be discussing several key topics of interests: food prices/agriculture, foreign policy, and the upcoming November election. In light of the recent supreme court ruling concerning the Chevron Deference, we have a remarkable opportunity before us. The Chevron Deference has allowed thousands of bureaucrats to create new laws without having to go through congress. This has allowed unbelievable amounts of abuse by government agencies with zero accountability. Consequently, congress can now meaningfully dial back rules and regulations that are crippling small businesses.

Overlapping with the Chevron Deference, agriculture has been suffering for decades from absurd regulations that don’t protect our environment. Many times the EPA or department of agriculture will impose arbitrary rules that cost farmers a fortune. Farming is not a profession for those who seek wealth and they have enough challenges as it is. One of the many reasons our food prices keep spiking is from insane regulations that drastically reduce our food supply. Regulating everything from how close cattle are allowed to graze near a pond to what type of irrigation sprinkler heads to use. These arbitrary rules have crushed farmers across the nation with unreasonable overhead costs. Reagan is proposing a property tax exemption for farmers due to how much land they must manage and the costs associated with it.

America stands on the brink of war with Russia. This was constant concern throughout the 20th century during the cold war. Less than 2 years of idiotic foreign policy has emboldened other nations to wage war on our allies and destabilize the globe. If sanity is not brought to the table soon Europe could become the setting for the next world war. Reagan vows to never send our children and grandchildren overseas to die for a corrupt money laundering scheme gone wrong. If President Trump is re-elected this November she will work with him and congress to reestablish global stability.

We look forward to any and all who can come to see Reagan Box in Crawford County. Reagan will be available for a Q&A session as well as any additional comments and questions after the meeting’s conclusion.


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Jul 20 2024


10:00 am - 11:00 am


Crawford County GOP Meeting
93 N Matthews St, Roberta, GA 31078
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