Championing Election Integrity: Reagan Box Launches petition for the reintroduction of hand marked, hand counted, open record paper ballots

In a resolute effort to reinstate faith and confidence in our democratic processes, Reagan Box has launched an online petition advocating for the urgent reintroduction of hand marked, hand counted, open record paper ballots. Our state and the entire nation are grappling with a critical juncture where public trust in the sanctity of their votes is dwindling, raising concerns about the alignment between voters’ intentions and the ‘official’ outcome.

The urgency of this situation has compelled Reagan Box to take action and rally fellow citizens who cherish their right to vote. The petition, which can be accessed through the following link:, is a bold stride towards rekindling transparency and accountability in our electoral system.

Reagan Box calls upon every freedom-loving patriot, every family member, friend, and concerned citizen to unite in this cause. By sharing this petition, we send a resounding message to our legislature that ‘We the People’ can no longer accept a compromised electoral process. We demand nothing less than a swift and definitive course correction that echoes our unwavering commitment to fair and transparent elections.

Join Reagan Box in spearheading this critical mission to safeguard the core principles of our democracy. Share the petition far and wide, and let your voice merge with the chorus of citizens who demand the reintroduction of hand marked, hand counted, open record paper ballots—a return to integrity and transparency in our elections. Let’s stand together to shape a future where every vote truly counts.

Your signature, your voice, and your action can be the driving force behind this pivotal movement. Stand with Reagan Box to restore election integrity and uphold the foundation of our democratic ideals. Stand united with Reagan Box to uphold the values of Our Republic. Your signature and voice amplify the call for transparency and election integrity. Together, let’s reshape the future of meaningful voting.

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