Reagan Box Speaks Out At the Fulton Defense Fund

Setting the Scene: The Focus on a Two-Tiered Justice System

Reagan Box speaks out at the Fulton Defense Fund in Gillsville, GA. The event was able to raise $20,000 dollars for the 18 defendants who are being politically targeted by Atlanta’s corrupt DA Fani Willis. The 18 defendants are being threatened with imprisonment for the temerity of questioning the bizarre events that occurred during the election of 2020. No American should live in fear of being sent to prison for asking uncomfortable questions regardless of their political affiliation.

Bringing Attention to Corruption in our Institutions

In a nation where the integrity of justice is a cornerstone of our republic, serious concerns have emerged about the erosion of these principles within the justice system. Reagan Box speaks out through her dialogues with fellow Georgians, seeks to highlight specific cases exemplifying systemic corruption. By analyzing instances where influential figures appear to evade consequences while their political opponents and supporters of these opponents face incredibly disproportionate punishment, she aims to emphasize the urgency of reform and the need to preserve the fundamental tenets of justice.

To address these serious concerns, there is a need for a collaborative effort involving lawmakers, legal experts, civil society organizations, and concerned citizens. This collective endeavor should aim to strengthen the justice system, ensure equal access to justice for all, and reinforce the foundations of fairness and impartiality. By acknowledging the challenges and working together to rectify the erosion of justice system integrity, the nation can strive to preserve the fundamental values that been at its core for centuries.

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