A Tale of Two Nations and the Border That No Longer Lies Between

Setting the Scene: The Federal Government Has Failed in One of it’s Most Fundamental Responsibilities

Let this be a record of a tale of two nations and the failure that lies between them. As Americans, we are all paying the price for decades of incompetence and a lack of will in Washington to deal with the border crisis. Tens of millions of illegal migrants have fled their broken and corrupt nations through Mexico and straight into America. Efforts to subvert and dismantle our border agents and local law enforcement have been in full swing for years. However, the insanity of the Biden administration may finally have gone too far for Americans to tolerate. Their complete and total spite for the rule of law has come toe to toe with 25 states that have deployed troops from the national guard. A boiling point lies in plain sight where we can no longer ignore the border crisis and all that entails.

The Corruption Lies Within and Without

We often hear Republican candidates bang the drum about securing the border during an election cycle, but unfortunately, nothing is done. Often the corruption of the Mexican government is offered as an excuse for why the border can never be secured. While this is at least part of the problem, this sad tale of two nations is a tapestry of failure that has been woven together by both parties. Consequently, poorly funding of our border patrol and caving to the absurd leftist narrative that the construction of a wall to defend our borders is inhumane has had disastrous consequences. Countless people have died or been brutalized due to the presence of such an unbelievably porous border. As a result, this has allowed the cartels to thrive and expand their empire of malevolence to all 50 states in the union. Ultimately, the saying that every state is now a border town, especially in Biden’s America, is all too true.

It is Never the Elites Who Pay

Sex trafficking of minors and women has hit record highs. Many of the less terrible scenarios are often tales of pure nightmare for those who survive. This mass influx of foreigners has stressed our legal, medical, financial, and educational systems. Violence and drugs have flooded through our cities, turning once-safe and beautiful places to live into dangerous hotspots. Our schools are now inundated with children who cannot read or speak English. Americans struggling to pay rent are forced to pay taxes to subsidize the housing of illegals. Diseases such as tuberculosis are spreading across our cities and hospitals. It is not the Washington elites who suffer. It is the everyday working American who is insulted and demeaned every day as they are forced to pay for this perpetual cycle of abuse through their tax dollars.

What Can Be Done?

Nothing of good will be accomplished without a change in leadership in Washington DC. Establishment politicians will never cut the flood that has been drowning the American people. Many politicians have turned their backs on this problem but Reagan Box will not. Instead Reagan is offering a solution. Instead of sending our youth to fight and die for the profit of corrupt dictators, corporations, and politicians, they can patrol our southern border as was done in the 1950’s. President Eisenhower was successful in maintaining a safe and strong border utilizing this strategy. If we wish to end this cycle of abuse and corruption then now is the time to support candidates who will fight for the states’ right to defend their borders. It is time to create a tale of two nations with a strong border that protects the people of both nations. It is time to support Reagan Box.

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